THE SPRINGGATE MUSEUM: Main Floor (former classroom)

The first museum was named after the Springgate Family who donated funds to the school.

  • China dishes from New Havenʼs historic Central Hotel, located 1017 Maupin St. It was established in 1879 and has been beautifully restored.
  • A variety of Military Memorabilia.
  • Langenberg Hat Factory…This display shows one of New Havenʼs former industries which manufactured everything from top of the line menʼs derbies to western cowboy hats.
  • New Haven School Days…Donated items from local familes make a charming display of our school history. Included are many interesting artifacts, some dating back to the beginning of this school in 1883.
  • New Havenʼs Medical Profession…Memorabilia well represented from well known doctors and dentists.

THE JOURNEY BEGINS MUSEUM: Basement (former cafeteria, boys & girls restrooms)

Displays include: Early Native American, French Trappers, Lewis & Clark, Millerʼs Landing, Missouri River Activity, Civil War, Front Street Businesses, Wolff Milling Co., Bank of New Haven, Grannemann Store, Fires, Floods, Train Wrecks, Local Churches, WWI, WWII, Military Display, New Havenʼs Sister City Borgholzhausen, Germany, Pepsi, Kellwood Co. “The tent capital of the world”, Artist Gallery, Astral Glass, Alan Bell “pottery”, Katie Kantley “scarves”, Dee Dann “folk art”, Steve Bertrand “sculpture”, Clem Wilding“wood carver”, Steve Bertrand, Mike Unger, & Bill Kelley “painters”, Tony Carosella “photography”.

THE ARCHIVE ROOM: Second Floor (former classroom)

Archive Room catalog donated items from local families of New Haven area, which includes documents, photos, books, entire set of New Haven Leader Newspapers, clothing, glassware, etc. (Many items are located in the two museums listed above.) We thank you for your donated items to help preserve New Havenʼs History!